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custom LED light solutions
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  Our goal is to make your home individual, exclusive and memorable by bringing new technologies in your house. 
       Our company performs LED customization of anything you want: Furniture, Interior, Exterior, Kitchens, Bathrooms, Cars, Trucks, Vans, Bikes, Boats, Special Events, Clothes. 
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M-F  8am-6pm
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      Facts about LEDer
        LED lights is the world's best  lighting system, that allows you to be creative while saving energy and cut electricity bills  up to 70%, thus making your home beautiful and exclusive, the planet green and your money safe.

   Started working in  2010 as the company that performs LED customization of furniture: book shelves,  vine shelves, tables, sofas, bars. By the time the list of things is growing. So we have a great deal of experience and tones of ideas in our creative minds. 
LED  has absolutely no toxic or harmful materials such as mercury and lead.        LED uses 12V DC - it is absolutely safe source of light no heat no blinks. 
LED has a life-spawn of up to 50000 hrs.
that is 12-15 years at regular day use.